Privaledge Draft Day Lyrics

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Uh, yeah, yeah shut out the chums
Shut out the boy wonder, what's happening?
We need some more new shit,
Man, you already know!
I don't even like rapping on people beats like that
Gotta do the shit, though!

Uh, shut out to Wonderman, I know that nigga personally,
Sent a couple features out to rappers that was never working with me.
I guess the niggas was acting like they ain't heard of me
I know they can't fuck with me, so they never sent their verse to me,
But ain't tripping and never was an emergency
We're already been eating,
Would have been a desert to me!
If girl hit me, she knew that I was out of town
I told her that I was home, and you're out here acting like Hercules.
Yeah, and by the way, I'm calling my lane!
I've been doing this for a while, it's the wall of change.
Put a rapper in room, play his future for him,
And show him how you'll never make it to the Hall of Fame!
I'm talking to these new niggas who're rapping all the same
And they got the nerve to treat a bo, how they're all in the game.
Nowadays we just laugh, it's the same shit
Like she gonna try to play me, so she gonna talk the G
Know some niggas on 106 like I'm Charles LeMaire
And they'll be playing more to him, they think it's all a game.
Remember she said she don't know me, now she on my dick.
I pull her like an LCL, she ain't walking the same
I find it funny how my peers and my haters been having something to comment
But I just think they're related and I was just out in Austin,
I should've been at The Fader
But I aint' got me a single, and I ain't singed to a label
Let's be honest!
The bloggers make the rappers hotter than they are
I'm really hotter than these niggas, bar-to-bars
I've seen a nigga get rich and he bought a car,
Seeing is believing, need it all tomorrow.
As a matter of fact, while I'm at it, I should get a ...
Bitches in the club treating all my niggas bar to bar.
You ain't never seen the shit, you can't never call a bar,
Old school nigga pride, balling on a .. car.
Fronting like you got it, we knew that you didn't
Doggie style when we're kicking, she knew her position.
Fuck the score board, nigga, we knew that we're winning
Baby boy, we've been killers since Jodi was in it!
Yeah, gotta give the guy, he know we've been sinning
Everytime we're in the city, you know will be winning!
Front it on me nigga now, you know that it's over
It's getting ugly like the ... Colby was in 'em.

Yeah, I'm on some voice shit,
This voice change, you already know
Hottest artist of 2014.
Privaledge, huh
We are .. right now, chilling, too
Where the shit is happening
You already know we're in the backdoor, huh
Who do we got next, Brandon?
Let's get him!

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