The Mantras Dr. Ssanasinod Lyrics

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He grew up by himself,
He never had a friend to call up on the phone.
He never played a sport,
Except for ping pong and he played it all alone.
But he grew up smart,
And he grew up mad,
His laboratory was all he had

Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanasinod

He built his killing machines,
With Frankensteinic brains inside of them.
Then brought them to life with lightning,
And they'd bow down and worship him
But he's a lonely guy,
He's a lonely man,
Robots aren't friends not even to him.

Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanasinod

Jerry was a robot,
That Ssanasinod had brought to life
Short circuit in his main frame,
Sent Jerry after doc with a kitchen knife,
With a kitchen knife.
So now the doctor’s dead,
And so are we,
Without him to control them,
The robots will roam free.

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