Annihilator Dr. Psycho Lyrics

All for You Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 All for You
  • 2 Dr. Psycho
  • 3 Demon Dance
  • 4 The One
  • 5 Bled
  • 6 Both of Me
  • 7 Rage Absolute
  • 8 Holding On
  • 9 The Nightmare Factory
  • 10 The Sound of Horror
  • 11 Dr. Psycho (edit)
  • I'm drifting off into nothingness,
    So terrified of what will be
    Tomorrow is the day, I can't back out
    But I'm scared of what will happen to me
    They say a simple procedure
    It's supposed to be all so routine
    But what if the doctor was evil and very, very mean

    Just call me doctor, just call me pain
    I'll show you horror that you've never gonna see again
    Pass me the scalpel, pass me the knife
    You don't need no medicine cause I'm gonna take your life

    Please wake me out of this nightmare,
    I've got to get out of this dream
    A victim of the Dr. Psycho,
    Like nothing that you've ever seen

    As I begin to cut you, screaming out in fear
    There's no one to help you, no one's gonna hear
    This ancient operation, extracting part of the brain
    There's no way to turn it back
    You're never gonna be the same

    Thought I'd be in a cosmetic bliss
    Now I smell the stench of my own piss
    All I wanted was to look real good
    Just one more chance, I'll leave it like I should

    I am the doctor and I'll kill your pain
    This is my specialty, extracting part of the brain Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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