Mr Pookie Down Like That Lyrics

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[Mr. Pookie]
Well its like this, I'ma keep it faint, I mean swift
Got AK 's c***ed and aimin and sprayin, 4 you ready to trip
Keep it on yo hip if you aint steady boy we ready to spray
n**** down to box but we know you punk n***** wasnt raised up that way
Especially not today, n***** be talkin s*** and poppin they trunk
n**** jus dont know, I'ma be calm and b**** that's jus like I'm krunk
So ya wanna dump, I specialize in aimin and pickin off figures
Dont even recognize you as n*****
Betta get on back, 4 I attack like cobra's, poisonous venom
Get em, they comin, n**** heard Stoneycrook was runnin
I wasnt thea for tha confrontation n**** if I was Ida been str8 jumpin
Now its comin for you, talkin s***,
Watch out Stoneycrook be bombin b****, now you all up on my d***
Aint it bad enuff that I got yo b****?
So I switch to anotha level, smokin my weed
We get it bad enuff wit police, dont need you f***** wit me
And got yo b**** comin ova wit tha pounds and sacks
She gon give them hoes to me, she say she down like that


We from tha South, we puts it down like that
And dont you n***** try to hate cause clowns on that
Yes we from Dallas and our city full of clowns and macs
Where even b****** get they riches n**** pounds and sacks
Believe that!!!!!

Go get yo money, cause its comin, playa you dont wanna miss it
It's Tha Rockla who gon rock it wit Tha Rippla who gon rip it
n**** trippin cause we pimpin and I'm drippin nuthin but ice
Got yo sister and yo wife hollerin they aint nuthin nice
Pay tha price cause you don lost em and we flossin wit precaution
If these hataz run up on me, I'ma let off some exhaustion
Aint no bossin on my block, see that's y I keep a glock
And my gurl, she keep tellin me " Boy, K-Roc you need to stop"
So, I'ma drop off so clean, get some weed and some Hennessey
Write me up a ryhme, hit tha stage, rockin wit tha G's
You aint neva seen, these playaz come outta nowhere
Only to get this money, no money, playa I dont care
Bout wha you hollerin about cause in tha South, you will get domed
Young n***** get they caps peeled for actin like they grown
And we chiffin on, some s*** they put in folks when they be sleep
And n***** run up like police, and askin wha is it you chiffin
Some playa s***!!!!

[Mr. Pookie]
Cant overlook it, we 2 crooked, recognize these chalets
I was born in Dallas, where we withstand our battles
And tha cattle, we jus humpin 4 was n***** to eat
So we stay strong on our feet, n**** we dont quit to defeat
Stack up on heat and were ready, not for drama, 4 fetti
Cause these n***** takin paper but I'm blastin em steady
Hea to tell it like it is, crooks aint got nuthin to give
Tryin to show me where you live, been mistaken I'm in yo grill
Where tha kill? I know you got tha weed hea today
It dont matta, when gon scatta, and gon find it hid away
Pistol play, bulletholes in tha wall from tha tusslin
Hungry and I'm strugglin, believe I'm po hustlin'
But tougher than m****f****s take me off to be
I got venom in my veins, I'm not tha same, beware of me
Besta flee, 4 tha rath of me, get mixed up wit my mood swing
Attitude has switched, so watch tha s***, these crooked fools bring
And we aint trippin, we jus down like this
It's been a long time comin, n**** bounce to this
We bring tha clips and flip tha script
Ready waitin, busta trip
Chemotherapy's in order, Abatrois finna slaughter
Wit a harbor, but still I find tha time to smoke and chill
Cool and calm is how I feel, Dallas Texas flexin steels, n****
Its jus like that, boy, uh, Stoneycrook

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