Ying Yang Twins Double Cup Lyrics

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Uh oh!

Leanin (x4)

Me and my double cup, me and my double cup (x6)

Double cup leanin, molly world beamin,
Shawty bout to come on this track like seamen,
Yo niggas feenin, so we bout to cook a brick,
Young Hot on the track with Ying Yang, yeah bitch,
Bitch that straight drop, not that bubble up,
When it come back, bet it doubled up,
Or is it codeine, double cup full of lean,
Promethazine and codeine,
Shawty pop, with a lean

Atlanta to the Philippine, everybody know a king,
One man gang like the mothaf**king dream team,
Thinkin you can be the boss, y'all niggas must be ill,
Two plus two, nigga who? Call me four mil.

Me and my double cup (x6)

Two cup two glock bitch it's Young Hot,
Know how I'm livin,drop it, whip it, get it out the pot,
We on the eastside, down about that truck stop,
Rollin weed, sippin lean, f**k a cough drop,
Money on my mind, pistol on my waist,
Sippin all day, I can't feel my face,
Didn't even realize, done drunk the whole pint,
F**king geeked up, Im bout to f**kin faint,
Flow money, Ying Yang bitch we poured up,
In the trap posted up, bitch we slowed up,
Every time you see me got my double cup,
I get money f**k you talkin roll the reefer up

Me and my double cup, me and my double cup
Me and my double cup, me and my double cup
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