The Gamits Dotted Lines Lyrics

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i'm hanging over like a satellite
you wanna understand but i can't explain
i knew you well before i said your name outloud
now it seems I'm a day behind
staying up until I'm going blind
i hear your voice and all the noise ends

i want to draw you in dotted lines
cut you out until i make you mine
i'll sew you to the sleeve of my favorite coat
take you with me everywhere i go
I'll write us both a bridge we can walk across
all one line so we can't get lost
and meet you at the ever after

i spent last night thinking of new words to make up
i passed my time wishing that i'd never wake up

i memorized all the colored words
sealed them up and folded into thirds
i had to borrow lines cuz im running out
disappearing in the sunlight now
i can't hear anything over all this sound
another wave and i will surely drown
i hear your voice and all the noise ends

Antidote Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dotted Lines
  • 2 Never Before Noon
  • 3 Curious Vanessa Black
  • 4 Open Window
  • 5 How to Escape
  • 6 Golden Sometimes
  • 7 Born and Raised Afraid
  • 8 Like White Noise
  • 9 Not Yet Rated
  • 10 Bloodstains / Picture Frames
  • 11 Bridges
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