Gorilla Zoe Dope Boy Lyrics

Don’t Feed da Animals Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Untamed Gorilla
  • 2 What It Is
  • 3 Dope Boy
  • 4 Lost
  • 5 I’m Dumb
  • 6 Shit on ’Em
  • 7 Hood Clap
  • 8 Helluvalife
  • 9 I Got It
  • 10 Watch Me
  • 11 Man I
  • 12 Talk Back
  • 13 So Sick
  • 14 Echo
  • 20's on the floor 50's in the chair
    Hundreds in the safe cushions everywhere
    Wake up in the morning like "what I'm gonna wear?"
    We could hit the mall, that ain't really fair
    Pull up to the mall in a black Marciano
    Rollers in the trunk but in the hoods a semi auto
    Clip full of hollow they parked the car they don't want no problem
    They know who I are, ya fresh from head to toe
    Pull a ***** and I'm gone, take her to the room then I drop her back at home
    He ain't selling records I ain't balling everyday
    ***** I got work all I do is move the yay

    We be in the hood all the *****es in the hood love the dope boy
    It's all good all the *****es wanna do is **** a dope boy
    We be in the hood all the *****es in the hood love the dope boy
    It's all good the *****es wanna do is **** a dope boy

    Bricks of the press call me Osama, presidential kush call me Obama
    Pull up to the trap trunk beating like thunder man I'm getting money
    Better watch ya baby mama
    Hey ms hilary, can't be kin to me but I keep that white ***** on another level g
    Hey Billy Clinton what ya trying to sell me that's the same **** that my Mexicans mail me
    1500 bills god damn that's a felony karats in my ears all the *****es wanna share me
    John deer, take care of the grass
    My dear let me take care of that ***
    G zoe g fo that's a lear Lamborghini threw it in the 6 gears
    Season close they don't drop the next year, ***** old money dope boys over here


    Rap shine, I want one like snoop eh?
    So you can catch me up in nomics every Tuesday
    Styrofoam cup ya think I'm drinking pink kool-aid karats round my neck
    Looking like a bunch of lemonade
    No boy I been running from the media, stacks in my pocket thick like encyclopedias
    Old money I get it I beat a block, then throw it at them girls that like to lick the lollipop


    Written by: Corey Andrews, Jasiel Robinson, Nicholas Smith, Chauncey Stevens
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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