Canibus Doomsday News Lyrics

Yo, yo..
If I had half as many bars in gold
as I had in lyrics when I flowed
I'd be the richest man on the globe
*****z want to know is Canibus gold?
That's a stupid-*** question ************, is Canada cold?
Bout a thousand degrees lower than liquid nitro is
Five thousand degrees hotter than flame throwers
I reflect light, bounce off walls and wreck mics
Disconnect your windpipe by cuttin your neck with a knife
Rip through, everything from tissues to blood vessels
My ninjitsu, kill you with the art of Tenchu
I zig zag, zig crushin a kid
With G-forces violent enough to crush your ribs
like pilots that fly Russian MIG
Comin to punish you pigs
Give a **** who you is; *****, Canibus in ya biz
From the lowest point in the planet to Mt. Everest
I kick the illest ****, spray-paintin my name across the pyramids
The rap terrorist, Professor Emeritus
**** forbidden fruit I was eating ***** in Genesis

[Chorus: Panama P.I.]
What you got *****z that's ready to brawl?
I'll give you the phone card and the celly to make a call
What the **** why'all ***** *****z actin like why'all tuff for?
We'll stuff why'all, uppercut why'all, confront why'all
On stage we break arms, legs, backs and jaws
Enough damage to cancel your tour (**** why'all!)

Now I said it once and I'll say it a thousand times
I got thousands of rhymes, the rechargeable alkaline kind
You want to a piece of mind? Fine, we can take it outside
Otherwise you're wastin your time, cause I'ma shine
for the one-triple-9, *****z gamblin damage they eyes
Goin blind, tryin to keep up with these lyrical lines
The type of ***** you can't flow behind without a dope rhyme
You **** around and get clotheslined til you nosedive
We can rhyme fair and square or fair in the sphere
Anyplace, anywhere, you *****z don't have a prayer
Cause doomsday is near, ****** *****z is scared
They stand and stare as I appear upon a cushion of air
With a long white beard flamin, hot enough to sunburn Satan
Hotter than white people takin vacation
out in Jamaica out in the sun bathin;
sun bakin in gamma ray radiation
til they skin color look cajun
************s start agin to the point
where they faces shrivel up like raisins
and they become cancer patients

Yo, yo, yo.. I manipulate the metaphysical
power to hold my breath for half an hour
Continuously breathin outward; you ain't an MC you a coward
I make wack rappers lose control of they bladders
and piss in they trousers
Pink ***** possum *****z play dead
While my heat waves hit, and verbal x-rays evaporate ****
Water molecules get transformed to vapors
My lyrics turn the Pacific into a dry lakebed
Electromagnetic cassettes melt tape decks
*****z battle in space; tryin to hold it down
but they can't cause they weightless
Amateur swordsmen gets stabbed through they face mask
trying to escape death
A world where the whole globe will contract Ebola
from drinkin spring water darker than Coca-Cola
Human with AIDS, computers with Y2K
I rock rhymes counter-clockwise until doomsday

**** why'all, **** why'all, **** why'all

Written by: Germaine Williams, Kendall Clark, Melvyn Lewis
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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