Common Dooinit Lyrics

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Ah keep on [Repeat: x6]

************ move back, I pursue rap at the pace of a New Jack
Miscellaneous numbers and shoes stack grooves
Rap I deliver for the hungry and underprivileged
Something different from these hollow and grunting *****s
This is business strictly, step to my business is risky
'Specially when you as ***** as Missy
Back to back LP's that sound the same, I surround the game
With a four-pounded brainstorm
To make *****s dance in the rain, scared to take a chance in the game
Used to break dance, it's a shame
What money do to a ***** brain
If he lose his soul what did a ***** gain?

[Chorus: Scratched: x4]
"Doin' it, doin' it, I am doin' it"
"C O double M O to the N"

My train of thought is that of a hustler, or a ***** with his shirt off
Trying to get his work off to customers
I rap with a chip on my shoulder, squeezing Coronas
See shirts that say "We gotta get over"
That juggy **** is over, the war is on
I only want to be a soldier, I'm holding on, to a culture
Focused like Gordon Parks when it's sorta dark
For *****s that's flooded with ice, my thought's the ark
Performing warming arts with some **** for the heart
Don't **** with radio, ignoring the charts
I could give a **** what you made in a year, *****, you wack
A soft ***** on a hard track, in this new rap
Generation I "X" cats like a Muslim
He fell off cause I pushed him
Let his Bentley and his weak crew be his cushion
I catch him on the streets, in front of the bodyguards and rush him

[Chorus: Scratched: x4]

You wasn't saying you was a thug before Pac came
Ten years ago you had a high top trying to be like Kane
Then Snoop released and it became a G thing
Claim sets, your city ain't got gangs
*****s hate you, they ain't paying you no attention
In a circle of fagots, your name is mentioned
With six degrees, I separate MC's, from a business man that's good
From a ***** that was raised or just lived in the hood
From what a ***** says to what's understood
Keep my **** tight like them boys in "The Wood"
**** is always hard like the "Boyz in the Hood"
Peace to Dug Inf, No I, Sean Lett, the whole Chi
At the crib some cats give me the cold eye
I'm a ***** slap the next one
Let him know the world is my section for taking
You got to reduce aggression

[Chorus: Scratched: x4]

Written by: James Dewitt Yancey, Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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