Soulja Boy Tell ’Em Donk Lyrics

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Its ur folk Soulja Boy tell em, im in the building everybody get on the dance floor this girl got a donk she finna shake it all night wow, wow, wow


She got a donk,(yeap) she got a donk (yeap) [x12]

Jigsaw with it [x12]

She got a donk (donk) watch her hit da floor (floor)

I like the way she move and the way she snap and roll (the way she snap and roll)

Yea it going down (down) I got 5 thousand 1's (1's)

Me u and u (U) we bout to have fun (fun)

Now going make it clap, that right thurrr (right thurrr)

Sippin on something that match my shirt (match my shirt)

I like her, her, her and her, I want them to do that over here (over here)


I told 'em, Collipark I told 'em

Verse 2

Verse 2 (2) im back in this thang (thang), I see that apple bottom hangin out that g-strang (strang)

Im on fire (fire) hot tamale Soulja Boy tell em me and my compadres

Stacks on deck (deck) girls on deck (deck) now that I'm on Arab up next (next)

Hung up my phone and I cash my check, now its time to party girl get soaking wet (wow)


Verse 3

Get low to the floor (lower), get low to the floor (lower) (x2)

Bend get it get it get it, Bend get it get it get it (x2)

Do the grown man (do the grown man), do the grown man (do the grown man)h (x2)

Throw the towel in (give up), throw the towel in (give up) (x2)


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