Kierra Kiki Sheard Done Did It Lyrics

I Owe You Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 You Don't Know
  • 2 Let Go
  • 3 Church Nite
  • 4 Closer
  • 5 Praise Offering
  • 6 Sweetest Thing
  • 7 War
  • 8 All I Am
  • 9 Done Did It
  • 10 So Long
  • 11 S.N.A.P.
  • 12 Not Used

  • If He don't do Another thang, said (Already done enough) If He don't do Another thang, said He ooo (Already done enough) Put food on my table And clothes on back, said (Already dont enough) If He don't do nothin else I know that He's able cause He's (Already done enough) Do do do do Do do do do I read in my bible That two thousand years ago He laid down His life Just to save my soul Now what more can I ask of Him And what more can He do I'm already happy Cause He already came through Didn't He do it VAMP 1: Already VAMP 2: God done did it (Let me see you clap your hands If He made it alright for you Somebody knows like I know That the Lord will see you through) VAMPS Again

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