Don't-Hate-Me-Interlude-lyrics-Xzibit/4FC296DC80BC826E482569FB00158E15Don't-Hate-Me-Interlude-lyrics-Xzibit/4FC296DC80BC826E482569FB00158E15Don't-Hate-Me-Interlude-lyrics-Xzibit/4FC296DC80BC826E482569FB00158E15 Xzibit Lyrics

Xzibit Lyrics

you the right guy for me well.... thats what i think
people say im crazy thats because of your love
why... why do you hate me

when you be with your mates why do you ignore me
I cry my self to sleep thinking your besides me
why... why do you hate me.

Ive given you all my numbers
and i wait every moment by the phone
but you have no inters in me
you have never phoned me

why... why do you hate me

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