Too $hort Don't Fuck for Free Lyrics

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Yeah, you know
We in the house
This the last **********in' song we gone do on this album y'all
Ain't no need in wasting the beat, **** funky than a ************
We gone spit that game to y'all
And I'm gone tell you one time and one time only
Don't **** for free
Don't **** for free, I'm tellin' ya
Cause when you do, you gets Nathan
Nothing, not a got damn dime for your time *****
So ah, ya gone let me spit this, can I do it?
Short Dawg gone spit a little something to ya, check it out

I've been mackin' these *****es all my life
And not once have I thought about havin' a wife
Short Dawg in the house, once again
The one you couldn't get with, so i ****ed your friend
Cause I'm a mack, doin' what a mack should do
I get scratched, just to make a rap or two
You got to give to live, than lay up with me
Can't go to streets, lay up with me
Cause I'm a **** all night, til I turn you out
If the ***** get dry *****, work ya mouth
I get a Magic City hoe and take her cash
I break her old funky ***
it ain't nothin' like a player from the O
Lettin' you know i'm a pimp you a hoe
Nasty *** *****es, want to **** with me
I need money, and Sort don't **** for free

My ***** don't **** for free
You gotta have money for the DOG
Us *****es we don't **** for free
You got to have money to get this *****

P to the I
M to the P
*****s in my crew don't **** for free
P to the I
M to the P
Short Dawg baby don't **** for free

I ain't nothin' like Mike, I don't play the court
I play *****es, don't you want to be like Short
First off, I never would trick you hoes
You work hard for my money that I get from shows
And some even ask about my Rolex
***** this came from my platinum checks
So break yourself and drop to your knees
I'd rather have ya mop cause you might have fleas
And even mangie mutts love to ****
They ain't scared to make a buck
So bust a nut *****
And tease the next one ****in' with me
Cause if you be with me, I'll have ya workin' the streets
Short Dawg
Their ain't no love involved
Do that old sick ****, and lick my balls
Don't pause cause ya *****s wish you was me
But to be like Short, you don't **** for free


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