Shannon Noll Don't Fight It Lyrics

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Sitting here in the darkness
And the seconds tick away
Searchin' in the silence
For something else to say
Its OK
Even though your holding back on me
What is meant to be
Is what will be
Its OK

Yeah I know its a matter of time
Before I'm gonna make you mine
So let it go
Baby don't fight it
We know
There ain't nothin' like it
Can't stop
When it gets started
All along
Ain't it what we both wanted?
Just let it go
We can't deny it
Your mine so baby
Don't fight it

You know you can close your eyes
But you still see that I'm right
You know
If you close your mind
You still hear your heart inside
Its OK
I know if you try to walk away
Something will be tellin' you to stay
Its OK


Something bigger girl
Has brought us here tonight
And we don't have to understand it
To know that it's right, oh
You know it's right, oh


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