Brush Arbor Doing What We Said We'd Do Lyrics

They broke the news this morning our friends they're breaking up
What they called forever wasn't long enough
I held my wife close and asked her if she knows
What keeps that from happening to us
She said we're just doing what we said we'd do
Through it all we'd never say we're through
A promise that is kept is something we won't ever lose
We keep doing what we said we'd do

It would've been so easy to leave when times were hard
But we fell back onto promises and into each other arms
And by the good Lord's grace our love is here to stay
Cause that's the way to never fall apart
So we're just doing...

If we never break our word she'll never break my heart
And I'll never break hers
Yeah we're just doing...
We keep doing what we said we'd do

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