Redman Doggz II Lyrics

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Yo, [Barks] Yeah
Yeah, yo, yo

[DMX sample]
["Where my dogs at" (throughout Redman talking)]

[Verse 1]
Who them *****s
Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz *****)
Kick down the door, and pull out the four,
and lay *****s down for your man getting jumped
What kind of *****
Drunk of that liquor high as hell with they hands in *****es' drawls
What kind of *****
Fit that description that I'm talking bout hardcore *****s brawl
And I'm a dog with lockjaw
On the double are
My squad can't be knocked off
We Doggz


[DMX sample: 8]

[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Virginia Doggz ************
Virginia Doggz
Cincinnati Doggz
Chicago Doggz

[Verse 2]
What kind of *****
Will steal your car at night as soon as you turn off the light?
Pop that steering wheel, hit the club like a quarter till
Wait till a victim get caught in the heist
What kind of *****
Will **** your girl gorilla style *** in the air?
When I cum she cum, when she sleep I'm in the safe
Where boyfriend stashed the cake then I'm out of here
I know you not prepared
Doc pop the flares
For the *****s under the stairs
We true Doggz


[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Jersey Doggz
Where my California Doggz

[Verse 3]
What kind of ***** will do a bid
And come home doing the same thing again
That kind of *****
That'll search for that ***** *** ***** who ratted him in
What kind of *****
Keep his mind on his money, music, not *****es at all (We don't love
them hoes)
That kind of *****
That don't care about your ice or VIP you getting robbed
So take it off
Right now
Pack my Doggz
**** who I'm ***aulting
Now we true Doggz


[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Canada Doggz *****
Baltimore Doggz
North Carolina Doggz

[Barking - DMX sample (till fade)]

[Redman (over samples)]
Alabama Doggz
Brick City
Jerz, Jerz
Can't forget them Ohio Doggz out there

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  • Written by: George S Clinton, Reggie Noble, Garry Marshall Shider, Earl Simmons, David Lee Spradley
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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