Cam Meekins Do You Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 Bob (intro)
  • 2 Do You
  • 3 Cut Me Off
  • 4 Don't Be a Bitch
  • 5 Maggie
  • 6 Everything I'm Not
  • 7 I Give a Fuck
  • 8 Anemic
  • 9 Two Roads
  • 10 Matty (skit)
  • 11 #Fuckyourbitch
  • 12 Gone
  • 13 Just to Be Wrong
  • 14 Run Away
  • 15 Outro
  • One man's destiny can change within a split second
    That's why I'm here telling these people bout my story, look
    I ain't got no glory but surely I've been shortly booked
    And overlooked by people in the past, they just trying to get the cash
    Sittin on this bus I'm on my way to prom
    I ain't got no fucking date little homie and that's what's wrong
    Within my songs try to let you hear the purity
    Keep my beats simple just so you can hear more clearly
    My life changed, I was 15 by myself, didn't need nobody's help
    Didn't see that I was on a path of badness
    Smoking weed to be above average, failin all my classes
    Said "I'm good" when I was asked
    But I ain't really gonna lie to you cause in my songs
    The only time I speak the truth, I spit it to the youth
    Because I'm one of them too, I'm only 18 too
    I ain't got all of the answers even though I think I do
    Fuck it I'm good, just like a hummer to the Republicans
    I think too much about my situation, I should love this shit
    So much back and forth is tempting, presenting my case
    To be the rapper who gonna tell the truth right to your face
    And yeah I'm done with it, truthfully man I'm gonna run with it
    Did this shit for fun when I was young and now I'm running shit
    Little skinny motherfucker never gettin this*
    Yo my CD ain't come out yet so until then dog always
    Spit the realest, put this shit on vinyl just to feel it
    I had some people feel my shit but nobody could see
    The deeper part of me I let out in this art get to know it
    I'm a normal dude on most days, but on some days
    I'm a poet and I know it
    I ain't about the blowing up, I'm bout the music
    They try and call me college rap but I ain't fucking stupid
    I just picked a path for me that might be different from the norm
    But if my story was the same as yours then yo we'd all be bored
    Do you

    What's the reason for you acting like a tool?
    If you a man why you looking like a fool?
    Everybody's got a story to tell
    These are my stories, man you know I gotta let you know I'm real

    I wrote this in a minute cause that's how long that it takes
    To get these lying motherfuckers straight up off the homie case
    Yeah, I took a break to let these people wait to see
    That I ain't what you claim to see when you be looking at me
    I ain't the motherfucker rapping bout the girls that he's getting
    I am the dude that got a couple girls I'd love to be hitting
    I keep it real coming down off the acid the trip is over
    For these whack ass rappers who always pushin the Rover
    Got the Subaru the drive thru I'm grabbing the coffee
    These other rappers want collabs I tell 'em "Get the fuck off me"
    The 18 year old rapper who don't need to flex about his age
    Cause what I've seen in my few years is deeper than an amount of days
    My friends chilling you know on the mic I'm killing
    Like depressed chicks on the Tumblr app, I wish my life was pictures
    But it ain't all good, yo I spit it cause someone should
    Let these younger kids know, nobody's done this before
    What I'm trying to tell is my story, if you're listening I thank ya
    Just a kid that thinks too much I guess
    My homie, See you later, Peace
    Do you

    [Chorus x2]
    What's the reason for you actin like a tool?
    If you a man why you lookin like a fool?
    Everybody got a story to tell these are my stories
    Man you know I gotta let you know I'm real

    Do you

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