Yung Joc Do Ya Bad Lyrics

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If its a problem
Gon let me know
And if it ain't ****
***** gon let it go
But while it's on my mind
I need to let you kno
Them choppas on deck

And I ain't afraid to let em' go [Repeat: x 4]

Yea I'll do ya do ya (do ya bad do ya bad)

[Repeat: x 2]
You on that dumb ****, ain't wit it man
That's the main reason murders get committed man
It can go down any minute man
Whole squad jump out that black on black many man

So you betta be quick and on ya toes
Where dem choppa bullets stop nobody knows
Babies crying *****s dying all ova da place
Mamma crying 'cause is blood all ova her face
This is not a game this is not a test
Swiss cheese ya brain mayne you be laid to rest
I'll bust yo head ask questions lata
Throw yo duces sianara to you hatas


I don't know ya ***** she don't know me either
I suggest you keep it moving if you wanna keep her
You don't want these problems that's a bad idea
Machetti have ya *** running like diarrhia
Nobody move nobody get hurt, ****
If I pull dat tube errybody hit da dirt
Look dis could be da boy dat if you only keep it coo ***** act like you growin steady still in middle
Schoo ***** you don't really want dis beef bra put in back in the freeza
You'll freeze up when I pull the heat then squeeze pull them knees up
This is not a game this is not a test slow ya roll fo' you be laid to rest


I'll sell you wet dope just to make it wheigh right
Call dem boys set you up in broad daylight
Yea I'll bang ya ***** I'll do you bad
9 months later now she screamin yur da dad
If you loose ya bun say I neva found da ****
If I owe ya guap pay ya *** wit counterfeit
Oh yea I'll flex ya ***** don't think I caint
Have my broad put some suga in ya gas tank
Catch a break line slash ya back tire
When ya crank ya car ya engine catch fire
Now I don't kno what you been told
But these are free prescriptions


Written by: Michael Davis, Nicholas Solis, Howard White, Jasiel Almon T. Robinson, Jay W. Jenkins, Marcus Stephens
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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