Mudvayne Do What You Do Lyrics

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Lips bleed from the rings,
All these little bruises, the little things,
That provoke the segregation.
Lead the separation.
Cage and clip the wings.
Little noises, the little screams,
That stop the operation.
Conscious amputation.

Just do what you do,
What you do, what you did to me.
Now I'm stuck in between a rock and nowhere,
With nothing,
With no one.
Just do what you do,
What you do, what you've done to me.
Draw the chalk line around the scene, it's over,
Now it's all over.

Like a heart that's lost it's beat.
A little boy, that softly weeps,
Overwhelmed with emotion,
Views burns through explosion.
Lost the forest through the trees
Little whispers, the little dreams,
That sparked the recollection.
Constant suffocation.


I can feel my life is changing,
I can feel my heart is jaded,

Left the sticks,
Left the stones,
Words don't hurt,
Mend the bones.
I can feel my life is changing.


Erase the past and leave the pain,
Cleanse the wounds and forget the name.
Lost the will, ran far away,
So it's all over.

Spread the ash and fill the grave,
Lost the tongue and make my way.
Do what you do and go away,
Now it's all over.
The New Game Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fish Out of Water
  • 2 Do What You Do
  • 3 A New Game
  • 4 Have it Your Way
  • 5 A Cinderella Story
  • 6 The Hate in Me
  • 7 Scarlet Letters
  • 8 Dull Boy
  • 9 Same Ol'
  • 10 Never Enough
  • 11 We the People
  • 12 King of Pain
  • 13 Happy? (Demo)
  • 14 Forget to Remember (Acoustic)
  • 15 Dig (Live)
  • 16 Not Falling (Demo)
  • 17 Fall Into Sleep (Demo)
  • 18 On the Move (Demo)
  • 19 World So Cold (Live)
  • 20 Goodbye (Demo)
  • 21 Death Blooms (Demo)

  • Written by: Chad L. Gray, Greg Tribbett, Matthew Mcdonough, Ryan Martinie
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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