Divine Lust Divine Lust (A Story Of A Bloody Passionate Desire) Lyrics

Licking the open wounds
on your serpent's skin
Oh! the devil's concubines are
loving you in sin

The red velvet sheets
crying blood and pain
bodies touching bodies
death flows in your veins

Naked woman in the fire
a touch of Evil in your soul
Kisses of false desire
down in a hole

Divine Lust
a trip to the unknown
joined in carnal pleasure
Satan's wings cover the Sun
under the candle light
illusions passing through your eyes
divine lust
a world of love and lies

The night embraces the moon
Aphrodite comes to love you
your flesh burns in sweet delight
while women's mouths are burnin' too

The children cry at moonlight
driving you insane
a dying wish comes to your mind
in this bed of ex and pain

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