Morifade Distant World Lyrics

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[Music: J. Johansson / Lyrics: J. Johansson]

I did not really knew her
One day she bid farewell
Leaving us forever
A nightmare hard to tell
For thee, maybe we'll be
Together someday
Forever in Wonderland
No Alice by your side
I wish I could be with her
Forever...In a distant world

Her life dried out in cancer
She's dying from inside
A beauty in existence
Until her soul divide
Ooh Lord!!! Please, tell me why
The mourning tears I cry

Forever in Wonderland...

All she left was memories
And sorrow to mankind
Her life is still another
Too young to fall behind
The gate, a wayward fate
For a lovely girl like her

Forever in Wonderland... <i>[Twice]
Across the Starlit Sky Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Enter the Past
  • 2 Tomorrow Knows
  • 3 Starlit Sky
  • 4 Distant World
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