Ill Niño Disposed Lyrics

Ill Niño Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nothing's Clear
  • 2 Disposed
  • 3 Rumba
  • 4 Fallen
  • 5 Part of the Signs
  • 6 El Niño
  • 7 God Is I
  • Entre el amor si lo hicimos right
    Was right
    Por ser lo mas provocar was wrong
    Was wrong
    Everything's over and I feel sober
    To start my life
    That one step took me right there

    True intentions were not
    Predisposed to our fears
    Searching without a cause

    Me hace falta este calor
    Lo necesito sin tu control
    I'm not fine
    Siento en mis venas, ninguna pena
    Without a fear
    That one step took me right there

    Like a game of chess I carve your chest
    Just don't snap back
    And find a nigga with a snap neck
    Bust your moves, drop the news
    It's a crying shame
    I'm bringing all the pain

    And now you want to slap my face
    You think that you can ruin my race
    Well we snap back with this attack
    This is our time to get our lives back

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