Nas Disciple Lyrics

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Two-thousand-four, yeah. l, what up?



Prophesy baby!

[Chorus: Nas & L.E.S.]
Disciple, disciple (what?!) disciple (street's!)
Disciple (streets!) [Repeat: x6]
Disciple (let's go!)

Word to mama, any lineup of rhymers
Could bring any drama, anytime, the city's mine
Nas is like, love undying, money's my *****
In thugs mansion, thugs dancin' around the fly ****
Pharaoh garment's Prada, Egyptian camel back-riders
Pyramid architects, perignon bottles, money, jewelry want me to come
Get me, hit me but don't miss me, you history
Lead flowin' around like a frisbee, Italian dons from Sicily kiss me
This ain't 50, this ain't jigga, this ain't diddy, this ain't pretty
Pain, power, ***** and pistols, lyrically no one, hold none near me, hear me
Kids cheer me like the count of monte-cristo
Steady poundin' soundin' like g without the lisp though
My big bro told me plain and simple, "Nas do not look back"
Watch where you took rap, no bookbags and trucker hats
Just army jacks and diamonds that's flashin'
What the **** is that, freestyle


Like Paul, Michael and Matthew, Peter, James and Andrew
Phillip, Simon and Judas, I'm disciple of music
Street beats is the main thing minus the traitor
And I'm not a dictator, I'm the righteous invitin' you haters
Inside the life of the greatest, it'll take you through something real
Get a smack in your face, 'cause I hurt up, trauma-tize, llama
Bust shells, destroy yet try'ta prevent violence
If I present iron somebody dyin', don't even worry 'bout it
Then dress warm for the cemetery climate
When I speak I need cemetery silence, terror
See me, gold hummers, Lamborghini's, man who stole the summer
Hand straight gleamin', if I don't know you toe-tag you
Drag you through the cement, fo-fo maggie
Body parts in my man's Maserati car, then party hard in Madagascar
While rigor mortis'll grab ya, him retarded, I'm pass that
Gloves on, where the mask at? too many love songs
All the thugs gone, what happened? where's the passion?
Rappers battlin' non-rappers, carryin' on backwards
Laughin' sayin' nas thinks he's Farrakhan preachin' blackness
Hell yeah, awareness is my alias
Word to the braveheart written on my bare chest
The realest, here it is!

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Leshan Lewis, Nasir Jones

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