Crisis Different Ways of Decay Lyrics

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I think I'm rotting on the inside.
way down deep inside my soul...
I've built this little coffin that I live in every day.
I peek out every day or so to see those ghosts at play.
I've got my knife right by my side.
I keep it warm, I hold the blade.
I want to keep watch, keep hold...
for when they come to take my soul away.
I've got this fear living inside me.
it keeps me crippled and cold.
like a child I lie frozen.
I hope these arms won't reach out and take hold.
there's blood on my face it keeps me warm at night...
Deathshead Extermination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Onslaught
  • 2 Working Out the Graves
  • 3 Wretched
  • 4 The Watcher
  • 5 Deadfall
  • 6 Methodology
  • 7 Bloodlines
  • 8 Nowhere but Lost
  • 9 Different Ways of Decay
  • 10 Prisoner Scavenger
  • 11 2 Minutes Hate
  • 12 Aftermath
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