Keyshia Cole feat. Too $hort Didn't I Tell You Lyrics

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[Too $hort]
Hey Keyshia
This yo big homie $hort dog from the town
I know you big balling baby
And I don't wanna get no phone calls talking bout,
Keyshia at the house curled up crying with her heart broke
You know you wasn't raised like that
You need to hit a club or something
You going out, Keyshia

So while you going out having your fun, I should sit here waiting for you
All this time I've invested in you baby,
Now you kicking yo dubs and making yo runs and popping yo drank and having your fun
But see its OK, cause what goes around comes around and its always been that way

Didn't I tell ya I was gonna be the one
Be the one and when its all done boy
She cant love you like I do
Didn't I tell ya boy
Didn't I tell you, didn't I tell you, didn't I tell you
Didn't I tell ya boy

So now the sun coming at ya won't change, but I ain't sitting out there crying and ****
So while you rolling out doing yo thing, I be popping my bottles,
Rolling on dubs, hanging with my girls, I be having my fun
Cause I don't deserve all the games you play
Now you coming back this way


You going out knowing everybody's watching (hey player)
But she could never be me and ya know it baby (she got the game)
The proof is in the putting ain't no way to hide it
Didn't I tell ya boy (I know she told you)

[Too $hort]
You think you got her stuck you must be smoking
She got a lot of money too she ain't no joke man
We raised her good she got the game before the fame
You should call, ain't nothing changed you know her name
See her riding something clean looking hella fly
I know you first should change your mind I'm bout to tell ya why
She ain't staying at the house she goin out
To some exclusive ****, that you don't know about
Knew she wouldn't be curled up, crying with a broke heart
She bout to get chased and go hard
And if you wanna run the streets, chasing hoes dude
She'll be out chilling cause you ain't doing what you suppose to


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