Mystikal Did I Do It Lyrics

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OK OK you want to **** wit me? Come on.
Who put this ****in **** together?

[Chorus: (x4)]
Did I do it?
You ****in right I did it! (Alright)
****in right, ****in right

I got's to get it when I do it
Make sure your *** feel this
Don't want nobody style used to be
***** cause I'm still it!
(In your own words could you explain your style?)
Ow owww! Bad like who? ME THAT'S WHO!
I'm the ***** cat!
Y'all mutha****as ain't ready!
We gonna be hung, I'm not the *****
I'm not that ***** I'm not that *****
But I'm the ****
That's how we do it when we kick it
Bum bum bum, HERE I GO!
I can't **** with my damn self, I I know
Walkin through your mind, look what I brought with me
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
Back to the boulder
No, I serious, can't nobody find
Who put you on the ****in map? (Me, that's who)
Ahhhhh! No, you, won't, know
Did I do that? ****in right I did it


Lemme see, you lackin creativity
Tryin to bite my style like fingernails
Tryin to sound how I sound, on my tongue with every single name

Slow down, T don't, damn
Watch yourself, and they can't
Fire point blank to the back of it
Four five six time the *****es
Never exercising, you gon get to big for your britches
The man right yea!
I ain't comin here for no foolishness
Sides, not much any one of y'all *****s can do with me
Speakin like one of them Puerto Ricans
****in right I did it!


Written by: Ou0027dell Vickers, M. Tyler
Lyrics © Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group

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