Cassidy Diary Of a Hustler (Meek Mill Diss) Lyrics

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Don't Believe this nigga hustling
This nigga bluffing
Look him in his eyes,the only time he cooking pies
Is in the kitchen oven
He a born liar, I'm on fire like the piff I'm puffing
Im so high I'm about to blow, volcanic eruption
This dude fake so his fake ass better break fast
Before he gets his food ate like a egg mcmuffin
He ain't the only nigga fucking the chick he cuffing
Yet the hommie dick ain't the only dick she sucking
I scrape his wife but I take ya life
Cause she can barely take the pipe
She told me I need a dick reduction
I'm so official, I let her blow the whistle
Then send her home to you, so she can kiss you
That shit disgusting
Niggas fronting like they straight pimping
I take women to the tele and get them jumping
Like Blake griffin
Im on Point like Chris Paul when she taste that Ace or that Cristal
She cut like a jigsaw
The kid ball so you mad as fuck
But I let the gut blow at ya afro give you a Cassie cut
Im tired of Rap niggas acting tough
Yall about rapping, I have been acting up
Since I came out from my daddy nut
Im on my grind, I do not sleep
Too much adrenaline, my heart pump insulin bitch am not sweet
But you a sweetie, you got diabetes
So you easily could have died-you sugar high
I rap a verse if that don't work, I'mma cook a pie
Or try to make a dollar bill selling Molly pills
Even though I know that somebody will prolly squeal
I'mma still push weight like a nigga that body build
And everybody real, they say they trigger blow
But I doubt them niggas know how catching a body feel
If a prick say that he don't snitch he prolly will
Snitching on my clique will prolly get somebody killed
For real
Im placing a damn order
The next day that solve come across the damn border
You ain't seen the shit that I seen
Is a big difference between getting a man slaughtered than
And you don't want the goons kidnapping ya damn daughter
Tying ya damn son up if the money don't come up
Im tryna come up so I run around from when the sun go down
To the fucking sun come up
The ?? fucking my damn sung up,then the dutch that am puffing
Fucking my Damn lung up
But don't compare me to this young boys that ain't done much
After we lock ass out with they pop ass
Am ya old head,you gotta show respect to me
Definitely before I get pussies a historectomy
Ayo none of this rap niggas can mess with me
Them niggas is my sons am about to give a visectomy
Punchlines is my specialty
Ever since I learnt my ABC's MCees couldn't F with me
I will pop ya ass but I don't mean sexually
Cause my trigger finger itching like it got a STD
All my lyrics is dumb, you niggas pussies I will put a hole in you
And make you period cum
I still pop shit, say alot of hot shit
I got hits, I just ain't poppin cause I ain't got swizz
Shit I chop bricks, I can't give you star tips
But I can show you how to cut keys like a locksmith
Pop with then go to the block with rock bagged up
Make the junkies grap up then make ya money add up
I wouldn't say I have bad luck but bad things to happen
The good dudes don't best up
But I never been shot or got stabbed up
And even when I ain't had much I was still swagged up
But you can't judge a book by its cover
That's why I put together the diary of a hustler
You can't judge a book a book by its cover
That's why I put together the diary of the hustler

I have been in this game for years
But am feeling better than ever
Am in a whole another bag right now
Am real cocky with my shit
Cuz I know niggas ain't fucking with me
I produced this track and I just tore the fuck apart
Yall niggas better show me the respect I deserve
Before I smack the shit outta one of you niggas mayne
Yall already know what am repping

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