Prototype Devotion Lyrics

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Say my name, now try in vain
Welcome the swarm, spirit forlorn

Violent capture haunting you
Far from heaven, faith untrue

Taste my soul, faint
Change this child´s shape
Reminds me, devotion

Keep that cross, sign of loss

Led by torture, crazed sky
Blame my mother, failed cry

Take thy strength, rape
Change this blind faith
Reminds me, devotion

Craving death, my last breath

He has power, He I crave
Take me Father, now I´m saved
Continuum Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Way It Ends
  • 2 Probe
  • 3 Devotion
  • 4 With Vision
  • 5 Synthespian
  • 6 Sea of Tranquility
  • 7 Transcendent Velocity
  • 8 Seed
  • 9 Undying
  • 10 Heart Machine
  • 11 Cold Is This God
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