Big L Devil's Son Lyrics

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[Intro: Big L]
Ayo, Showbiz, man, I had this bugged out dream last night that I was the Devil's son, B… I was doing some ill shit

[Refrain: Nas samples]
When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus
When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus
When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus
I'm waving automatic guns at nuns

[Verse 1]
L's a rebel on a higher level, go get the shovel
Cause I'm the only son of the motherfucking devil
It's a fact I'm living foul, black
Niggas should have known I was sick from the shit I did a while back
Cause being bad I couldn't stop
When I was in pre-school, I beat a kid to death with a wooden block
Faggot niggas I was back slappin'
I realized that every time I got mad something bad happened
A nigga hit me with a can of beer, then he ran in fear
Later they found him hanging from a chandelier
Enemies I be buckin' quick
My mom's know who I am
Because she know who she was fuckin' with
On my skull the 666, no tricks
When I catch fits, my mom picks up the crucifix
And I kill chumps for the cheapest price
I'm rolling with Satan, not Jesus Christ
Enemies, I got several done
Big L straight from hell, the motherfucking devil's son


[Verse 2]
It's Big L and I'm all about taking funds
I'm a stone villain, known for killin' and raping nuns
Ayo, I even kill handicapped and crippled bitches
Look at my scalp real close and you'll see triple sixes
There's no doubt I'm all about a dollar
I just signed a lifetime contract with the funeral parlor
This kid that owed me dough, I didn't take his life
Instead I tied him up and made him watch me rape his wife
One nigga cold tried to diss me and that shit is risky
The nigga took a swung, but he missed me
So I popped off, now the chump's knocked off
I spit in his mothafucking face and then bopped off
Once a hottie shot me with a shotty
I died, but then I came back to life in another body
The way I'm living is dead wrong
I'm a devil from Hell without the tail or the red horns
Killing is fun, I'm number one with a gun
Front and get done cause you can't run from the devil's son


[Verse 3]
The Big L is strictly gun-play
I run through church and pistol-whip the priest every Sunday
Once I put out the crazy order
I sent niggas to kill Tom, his mom, and his baby daughter
I'm living up to my extortion image, I be stalkin' Lennox
Catching more bodies than abortion clinics
A kid tried to take L out
Shot me in the chest with a TEC, I just laughed and spit the shell out
Next I took his gun then he dropped to his knees with ease
I made him freeze, he begged me please not to squeeze
But I ain’t the type to fuss, I just snipe and bust
Gun-clap *bang* – another nigga bites the dust
Shorts, I'm taking none
Misbehave and get sent to the grave by the devil's son

Word, Big L the motherfucking devil's son is definitely in effect
Giving a shout-out to all the murderers, thieves, armed robbers, serial killers, psychos, lunatics, crackheads, mental patients, mental retards
And a special shout-out to all the niggas with AIDS, peace!


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