Haujobb Deviation Lyrics

Solutions for a Small Planet Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Clockwise
  • 2 Anti/matter
  • 3 Rising Sun
  • 4 Depths
  • 5 Sub Unit One
  • 6 Journey Ahead
  • 7 Distance
  • 8 Deviation
  • 9 Nature's Interface
  • 10 Sub Unit Two
  • 11 Cleaned Vision
  • 12 The Cage Complex
  • 13 Net Culture
  • 14 Transfer
  • 15 Sub Unit Three
  • Direct contact connected to earth first time generating the
    Real world non-virtual communication soft dependencies on
    Sharp edged frames a support high visual range overlooked the
    Microscopic changes faded faces as a result of the supersonic
    Speech, speed as the only need satellite transmission for
    A wide-band vision no stationary living space no static
    Structures mobility junkies impersonated speed temporary
    Stable units as therapy a supported high visual range
    Overlooked the microscopic changes faded faces as a
    Result of the supersonic speech and speed as the only
    Need reduced to perfection calculated sensebilities that
    Artificial green touches something human in me

    Written by: Daniel Meier, Dejan Samardzic
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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