Timeflies Detonate Lyrics

The Scotch Tape Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Detonate
  • 2 Turn It Up
  • 3 Stunner
  • 4 Everything I Do
  • 5 Interlude
  • 6 Fade
  • 7 Shades of Grey
  • 8 Switchblade
  • 9 Ex Games
  • 10 For You
  • 11 Until the Sunrise
  • The glass shatters as I walk in
    They don't know it yet but I hear them talkin
    Timeflies yes, I'ma clock in
    And we the dudes that your girlfriend stalkin
    Yeah, I'm on it like I never was
    Hittin you harder than ever with a better buzz
    For lightyears
    to infinity and back divinity on the track yes leader of the pack 'cause
    With this chipstack, enough chit chat
    Understand this? This is a mismatch
    On the steady grind, I'm never ever slowin
    Clever as ever, flowin, makin some cheddar and goin
    Far, I'm aimin it at the moon,
    lying in the cannon well please light the fuse soon
    Any beat I ruin, wordplay I'm fluent
    Challenge me and I wonder what the fuck you doin

    You been starin at me all night long,
    why don't you come over and say something
    Girl I could see the game you on, but baby I don't wanna play nothin
    I could tell what you want, you already know I got it
    So why don't we get it on, baby I'ma rock your body
    So when these lights get turned down low
    Got the whole place rocking now,
    ain't nothin that can stop us now, lets go

    I-I-I-I know you want me baby
    I-I-I-I think I want you too
    I-I-I-I'm bout to make you crazy
    Lady this is what we gonna do

    I-I-I-I know you want me baby
    I-I-I-I think I want you too
    I-I-I-I got you goin crazy
    Lady I-I'ma give it to you

    Damn, I could do this all night long, yeah I'm lovin the way you move girl
    We could go until the break of dawn, baby let me take you to a new world
    And with the way you look tonight, ain't no way I'ma leave without you
    Girl you know what I like, yeah I think I'ma write a song about you
    So when these lights get turned down low
    Got the whole place rockin now, ain't nothing that can stop us now
    We could turn it up, everybody lose control, lets go


    Unleash your glory on the night sky
    For those wondering yes I am the right guy
    Used to worry who I was doin right by
    And now I just light and ignite my brain
    Make the club go insane, this fuse only takes one flame
    For me to go and make fire, rap it like a gift and sing it like a choir
    Girl I just love the way you backin it up on me
    I can't wait to take you home and fold you up like origami
    Yes I think it might be time, cause you know its gettin late
    And this place about to lose it when we d-d-d-d-d-detonate

    [Chorus x2]

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