Hades Deter-My-Nation Lyrics

Exist to Resist Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Exist to Resist
  • 2 Rape of Persephone
  • 3 Doubt
  • 4 Colorblind
  • 5 Deter-My-Nation
  • 6 Throughout Me, Threw Out You
  • 7 Second Degree Sleepwalking
  • 8 A (G)
  • 9 The Other
  • 10 The Leaders '95
  • They tell us to wait, yeah we'll wait but for how long
    Keep us quiet, dismiss our ideas but for how long
    Let's concentrate and reevaluate
    The economy's sunk and we've all got to pull together to raise it up

    Deter my nation

    Endless campaigning, a void in your ? for how long
    Promises preached, the nation's appeased but for how long
    The first to complain is usually the last one to vote
    Well my vote is cast, we need a national antidote

    This is not certain
    Preach to spread fear
    I'm venting my frustration with the hope that you'll hear

    Be aware of your future and who's plotting it out
    If you neglect your nation you deserve to live in doubt

    Well it's a wise man who opens up his mind before his mouth
    Some politicians these days are in a wisdom drought

    Take some pride in your country give some love to your land
    Sentiment is not enough to really give a damn

    They're racing again, to plant what you see but for how long
    Count up your votes, gain a big lead, but for how long
    We'll have to wait to face our fate
    To see if from our entanglements I'll still be able to extricate

    Deter my nation
    Deter my nation
    Deter my nation

    It's so much fun to judge everyone, isn't it

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