Blood on the Dance Floor Designed to Kill Lyrics

(desinged to kill)
(designed to kill)
cheezy weezy
pumpkin peezy
my name is such a deezy
i'll get you crunk on the heezy
i like them s**** that're easy
i'm chilling wth my breezy
she makes me feel so easy
she keeps it really sleazy
it gives me the heeby-geebiez
go on it good lordie i'm bout to pop up some f***** models
she knows she just can't have it
but cheatings just her habit i know she's problamatic
i want to fix her habits
i give into her thrills
as she sinks into kill
every time you look at me
breezing through the lights
i feel your breathe
i feel yourself
it tears me up inside
to know that you've got issues
and it kills me instantly
to see you with the other guys
will be the death of me
you're just like a pill designed to kill
everything you do
messes with me, smothering me poison goes down
i'm on the ground dying
just like a pill
designed to kill

(designed to kill)
(designed to kill)

(woh, f*****'f*****')
f****** b******
the moth

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