Blasphemy Desecration Lyrics

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Attacking at will Blasphemous attack
Unholy destruction Dying off fear
Antichrist ordered Overkill is near
Legions of death arise Come to slaughter
the holy Desecrate the church
Rape the angel's soul
Demonic army's of Satan Rages deadly war
Virgins heart's ripped Feel the wrath of evil
Lucifer's vengeance is near
Destruction unto the heavens Hell rise to the sky
Burning crucifix
Pentagrams burning Must all rise
Mayhemic delay Armageddon cries Satan laughs
Victory as one
Countless deaths Satan has won

Fallen Angel of Doom.... Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 (Winds of the Black Godz) Intro
  • 2 Fallen Angel of Doom
  • 3 Hording of Evil Vengeance
  • 4 Darkness Prevails
  • 5 Desecration
  • 6 Ritual
  • 7 Weltering in Blood
  • 8 Demoniac
  • 9 Goddess of Perversity
  • 10 The Desolate One (outro)
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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