Dead Moon Demona Lyrics

Unknown Passage Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dead Moon Night
  • 2 My Escape
  • 3 A Miss of You
  • 4 54/40
  • 5 I'm Wise
  • 6 Evil Eye
  • 7 I Tried
  • 8 Time Has Come Today
  • 9 Demona
  • 10 On My Own
  • What seemed to be so innocent has long since gone
    You took me to dependency, I tried to get clean
    I'm not the only one who sais it can't happen to me
    You've got your colors over my eyes

    I've tried to walk the narrows but it's no use
    I find myself surrendering in dreams with you
    Into the elevations where everything's clear
    Demona comes in shallow light and disappears
    She wraps her colors over my eyes,br>
    I've stood in open windows and watched the sky
    I've waited to be rescued and then I've cried
    your eyes are so beguiling you whisper to me
    And in that silent chamber you came over me
    You wrap your colors over my eyes

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