Your Shapeless Beauty Deities in the Dew Lyrics

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[music: Canavaggia, lyrics: Blachier]

the twilight as a veil covers yours will
in the shadows of the night the dreams I sow become my pride
the stary vault beholds my reign and light my throne
I awake so close to death that my life holds to a breath

while morpheus opens his arms
I exhumate all my desires
for I dig graves with all yours fears
symbols and signs that bleed you dry

flying far from mortal life
forgetting your tranquillity
I will stand for sovereignety
a new god, this is what I will be

I rule the land of earthly things that rise their hands
for they acclaim the new era, my kingdom of pain
blind fools they are, but sinner I am in my heaven
I reach the shores of confusion through endless wisdom

and I wonder

through the eyes of a sad ghost the world appears so cold
to have a revenge on the past made of me a sinfull beast
the sweet caresses I used to feel
carve now and forever my name on the stone
an epitaph unread by all, anger blinds my hollow eyes

mine she is with the stars
higher than god I will be
I’ll crush his last infamy

flying far from mortal life
forgetting your tranquillity
I will stand for sovereignity
a new god this is what I will be

in the haze of dawn lies my deception

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  • 3 The Awakening
  • 4 On the Wings of the Black Rain
  • 5 Equinoctical Desires
  • 6 An Orchid in My Belfry
  • 7 Last Embers From the Past
  • 8 Goddess of Lust
  • 9 Récital pour une agonie céleste
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