Pressure 4-5 Dehydration Lyrics

Burning the Process Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 These Hands
  • 2 Beat the World
  • 3 Melt Me Down
  • 4 Enough
  • 5 Dehydration
  • 6 Stares
  • 7 Pieces
  • 8 New Wave
  • 9 Even Worse
  • 10 Proven
  • 11 Into Yesterday
  • Faith is falling
    Thoughts come undone
    And every single cell inside your body goes
    Numb, just like it never did before
    Just like it never did

    My faith failing
    Where'd it come from
    And every single cell inside my body is numb
    Shout to anyone in the dark
    Feel these words that create a spark
    â??Cause there's a...


    Fire that burns us
    And we can't live without water
    Face the flood â??cause it's going under
    And only those without wings will die

    People speak and sing and stand up
    But words aren't enough to fill my cup
    When there's a...


    Looking up, how I'd love to join them
    But I never learned to fly
    I never learned to fly
    (That's not the reason)
    That I have never tried
    (What you believe in)
    I guess it seemed so tired
    (What you believe in)

    So face your own flood
    Together weâ?¦
    Drown, just like we never did before
    Just like we never did


    Written by: Adam Jeffery Rich, Jake W Fowler, Joseph Schmidt, Lyle Patrick Mc Keany, Mark D Barry
    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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