Antithesis Deceiver Within Lyrics

Dying for Life Track Listing
  • 1 Soul of Ice
  • 2 Consequence
  • 3 Deceiver Within
  • 4 Distanced
  • 5 Times of Trial
  • 6 Mad Poet
  • 7 Politicide
  • 8 Dying for Life (Limbo, Part 2)
  • 9 Netherworld
  • I know you better than you think
    I know a lot about your past
    And why you wear a mask

    You may deceive with your disguise
    And you may buy yourself some time
    Until the end of time

    To yourself, your reflection tells a lie
    Look inside, there's a dark side that you hide
    I make my presence felt
    I will not be ignored

    Just like an open sore
    I help to hurt it more

    I am the wound that will not heal
    I am the secret you conceal
    I am the truth you can't reveal

    You thought I might forget
    Vanish without a trace
    Just when you least expect then I will show my face

    I am the witness to the crime
    I am the track you left behind
    I am the setback in your plans
    I am the blood upon your hands

    You tried to bury me
    But I came back to life
    Now you must carry me
    Until the day you die
    Until you die

    I am the bed in which you sleep
    I am forever yours to keep

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