Danse Macabre Death in Midsummer Lyrics

Totentanz Track Listing
  • 1 Dust of Centuries
  • 2 Totentanz
  • 3 Death in Midsummer
  • 4 Gott ist tot (Where Science Prevalied)
  • 5 Jester’s Farewell (Solitude)
  • 6 Decline of Romanticism
  • 7 Tristesse (Of Cardinals and Skeletons)
  • 8 Ignorance is Bliss (Di talem terris avertite pestem)
  • 9 Overture to the Sun (Finsternis) (instrumental)
  • 10 Megalomania
  • 11 Psychopompos
  • 12 A Dream Within a Dream
  • 13 [untitled]

  • There is true beauty in all that dies
    Nothing lasts forever...I know
    Dreams, hopes, life itself
    Slipping through my fingers
    Slipping through my fingers
    Like a sand on beaches
    I used to know
    So many people came and went
    As years go by
    Their faces fade like a song
    In vain I try to hold on
    To the humble knowledge
    I gathered

    Death in midsummer
    Death in Midsummer

    So much still to learn
    To discover, to feel
    Yet I sense
    My earthly and only existence
    Fade away

    No light at the end of the tunnel
    No God to save one's soul
    The atheist's curse
    The atheist curse
    Life never seemed precious to me
    But now...
    It is so cruel to die

    In the middle of summer
    In the middle of summer

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