Cassidy Dear Rodney(Cal Akbar Diss) Lyrics

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Ay yo this nigga done lost his mother fuckin mind - ay yo i know u suck but fuck it ima show u up - dont nobody know u but fuck it ima blow u up - right now yo my flow is nuts pipe down i run shit, nobody like that dumb shit u write down - Rodney u a fireman, you aint savin lifes now? - oh u changed ya life around so you dont fire fight now - im on fire right now, pussy try and put me out - oh if i did take ya flow good lookin out - I doubt u could blow wit that bull shit u puttin out - even though ya voice deep as shit you sound weak as shit - u a dirty nigga wash up once a week n shit - never wear deodorant never brush ya teeth n shit - i know u dont really want beef cause u sweet as shit - and u cant fight homie u could only beat ya dick - i stack bread and u lookin like a crack head - u knew me for years n i aint never act scared - you cant dress u look a mess and u act weird - so how u gonn compete nigga u a geek nigga - I was in da streets nigga - u was in the damn army - but u was nothin but a medic u fuckin pathetic - i told u boy its already a soldier boy - u over 30 wit no deal its over boy - u better wake up and smell the folgers boy - for the oowop knock ya head off ya shoulders boy - now what u gonn say to me i got cash yo - this shit remind me of jay z and whats that shit - yo i been the shit and u fuckin dookie - man its like if im ya fan u my fuckin groupie - I keep it movin i dont wait on mothafuckaz - i got u ya only deal u ungreatful mothafucka - so how u gonn say that i cant make songs yo - when they singin my songs ova in hong kong yo - i just came back from iraq and kuwai - u broke and u fake thats why u hate - i left the group i wasnt rollin with the right crew - u hatian and wylcef like me more than he like u - i run up on u like soposay - empty out the two and then scream mabulay ay - I got plenty punchlines so i cant wait - for mentioning my mom ima punch u in ya damn face - i cant stand u, u said ya girl ya #1 fan well ya girl my #1 fan too - cuz im gettin money but i do it like amanda do - and u still livin wit ya momz you a animal - u mustve lost ya mind or went senile - forget a hit record u cant even make a freestyle - since back in da day u could never get nothin right - u only did like 4 or 5 shows ya whole fuckin life - and alkin greasy wasnt even smart - cause believe me ima end ya career before it even start
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