Anti‐Flag We Want to Be Free Lyrics

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All night out on the streets
I got the back of all my friends
We never want to go back home
Never want the night to end

Because we want to be... FREE!
We want to be...FREE!

The schools that they send us to are prisons
The same can be said for their churches too
I don't want my mind or my arms tied in bondage
I don't want to be another cloned state tool
When I'm with my friends, when I'm at a show
That's when everything is OK
That's why I follow my heart each and every single day
Single day... EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Every day
Every day

Mobilize Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 911 for Peace
  • 2 Mumia’s Song
  • 3 What’s the Difference?
  • 4 We Want to Be Free
  • 5 N.B.C. (No Blood‐Thirsty Corporations)
  • 6 Right to Choose
  • 7 We Don't Need It!
  • 8 Anatomy of Your Enemy
  • 9 Underground Network (live)
  • 10 Tearing Everyone Down (live)
  • 11 Bring Out Your Dead (live)
  • 12 A New Kind of Army (live)
  • 13 Their System Doesn’t Work for You (live)
  • 14 Free Nation (live)
  • 15 Spaz’s House Destruction Party (live)
  • 16 Die for the Government (live)
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