Shyne Dear America (intro) Lyrics

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Dear America,
I'm only what you made me, young, black, and f*****' crazy
Please save me
I'm dyin' inside, can't you see it in my eyes?
I'm hopeless, and fearless on the outside, gun on my side
s***, Maby if yall n***** build schools instead of prison, maybe I'll stop
livin' the way I'm livin', probably not.
I'm so used to servin' rocks and burnin' blocks, I ain't never gonna stop.
Been doin' this s*** all my life, I'm a lost cause,
And what about the rest? Don't them suckers deserve a chance? Somethin'
better then shoot-outs, liquor stores and food stamps? Maybe if y'all teach
them n***** a craft an' a trade, they wouldn't have to play that corner, know
what i mean? Servin' that yay
America, you got a f*****' problem, an I ain't never goin' away
There's about 20 million other m**** f****** just like me, preperattions is
through, y'all gonna pay

Written by: Jamaal Barrow
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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