Lamb of God Dead Seeds Lyrics

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And you may tremble before hell's gates
You may watch as the heavens fall
And you may cite the hands of fate
You may heed the siren's call

And you may reach every golden shore
Witness, repent, and ?
And you may dance in the sands of the war
You may sleep in the cradle of Eden

Betray your prophets
Dead seeds will redeem
An army of blood
Will pray on the wake

And you may walk through the river run dry
You may strike down the giant with stone
And you may never again speak a lie
Confess and rape their soul

And you may drink from the infidel's blood
As their civilization collapses
You may rejoice in the cleanse of the flood
And stare into the face of the powerless


(low, rambling vocals)

You will not comprehend
Or find words that will describe
The will of God and man
Until you watch someone die

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Chris Adler, David Randall Blythe, John Campbell, Mark Morton, Will Adler
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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