Dead Moon Dead Moon Night Lyrics

Unknown Passage Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dead Moon Night
  • 2 My Escape
  • 3 A Miss of You
  • 4 54/40
  • 5 I'm Wise
  • 6 Evil Eye
  • 7 I Tried
  • 8 Time Has Come Today
  • 9 Demona
  • 10 On My Own
  • Thunderbolts and nightsticks
    Coming out of the sky
    Flames overhead
    Rain until you cry
    My baby’s on the highway
    Come in from the cold
    Never going home, never going home
    D for disaster
    E for my eyes
    A for my anger
    D before I die
    M for mona
    O oh good
    O oh good
    N for the night
    Dead moon night

    Call me if you need me
    Down in new orleans
    Can’t release the victims
    Have you seen what I’ve seen
    In new york city
    Don’t you cross the line
    Guard it from the light, guard it from the light

    Hazard on the highway
    Breakin’ down slow
    They thought she was lookin’
    Now I’m all alone
    I’m often abandoned
    Won’t you take me home
    Now I’m all alone, won’t you take me home Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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