Parkway Drive Dead Man’s Chest Lyrics

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When your lungs collapse
When your last breath fails
When my reflection
As faded as a sentiment

Convulsions constrict your flesh
Into a portrait of agony
Into a portrait of agony
Of agony

This, this is cataclysmic failure
As you're looking
Refuse to prevail

This is, this is pointless suffering
How does it feel to know
You brought this shit
On yourself?

The timing of consequence
Your actions have their price
Oh you'll pay for your mistakes

As pity grips your nerves
You'll get what you deserve
Now brace yourself
As all hell breaks
All hell breaks loose
All hell breaks loose

Fucked up this system
Shut it down
Drowned In Disease

Stop, cut all based upon
We know all from our lamenting

Suffocation of a race
The persistent beings
Of life

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