200 North Dead London Lyrics

Watching the World Die Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Barely Breathing
  • 2 The Next Big Thing
  • 3 Watching the World Die
  • 4 Feltonic Prophecy
  • 5 Sticks and Stones
  • 6 Dead London
  • 7 Prelude to a Dream
  • 8 Better Days
  • 9 This Time It's War
  • 10 Attica
  • Kill millions in our name.
    When it's all over, are we the better man?
    I hope we know what's best.
    I hope we've thought about our options.
    I know it hurts.
    We took a hit.
    (And) it's changed our lives.
    We'll never be the same.
    I will not fall (down).
    We're opening the gates of hell.
    Don't call me worthless.
    'Cause I can't feel the same.
    I can't push blame on those here who are innocent.
    It's not their fault.
    I hope we understand the direction we're heading.
    Break down the walls.
    We're hating to hate.

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