Edge of Sanity Dead but Dreaming Lyrics

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Cold, pale, to rest I'm laid
No shivers from inside
Entombed and forgotten
Here, forever I shall hide
Feel no blood flow in me
But I feel so alive
I feel my body slowly rot in my wet grave
Deceased and putrifacted, but my soul I have saved
Feel no blood flow in me, feel no blood
When I have ceased, and death is real
When I'm lowered down beyond my destiny
Past the day mourning
Enter the twilight of death through the night of possession
To the dawn of dreams, dead but dreaming
Enter the dawn of dreams
Enter the dawn of the dead
As I die, as I fade
In my dreams, I am awake
As I fade from this rotting world, dead as hell
Trapped in myself
My life among the
Living was nothing but pain
But now I'm set free beyond my destiny
I've been the one who's giving
Slowly drained of life
Dream, my enemy, forever I'm your sleep

Written by: Andreas Magnus Axelsson, Dan Erland Swano
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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