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Cat Stevens Lyrics

In the daytime, time for celebration.
No use looking down if it's over here.
It's a world, a new creation,
And the golden light of the morning
Makes it easy to comb your hair.
And the love of a child.
It's the time of the year.

In the daytime you can move a mountain
With a blink of your eye.
Now it's over here, now it's over there.
It's a world with no complications,
And the curtains on the window
Start blowing like your hair.
And the love that I feel.
'Cause it's the time of the year.

Mysterious moon found me crying in the dark.
Heard my footsteps on the stairs.
Mysterious moon found me crying.
But the sun dried my tears;
Showed he cares.

In the daytime, time for celebration.
No use looking down, children open your eyes.
It's a world, a whole nation.
Now the white boats have landed
And the innocent are here.
So dream for the child
'Cause it's the time of the year.

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