a‐ha Days on End Lyrics

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Do you know why winter's such a cold and lonely place?
If you do
Breathe it into my bleached faces,
Falling from the sheets of my bed
I hear the clock
Strike so prettily at the hours
I wear the path deeper,
Following you

Girl I knew comes tired home from another working day
Cooks a meal
Lights the stove
And sees the snow;
Falling from a white painted sky
Drifting by
And here I come in through the door
I say "Hello" and very little more
Did she love me anymore?

Do you know why winter's such a cold place?
I'm laughing at the weather
You reminded me of something
It took me years and years to forget

Do you love me anymore?
The Demo Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Take on Me (demo)
  • 2 Presenting Lily Mars
  • 3 Dot the I
  • 4 Days on End
  • 5 Never Never
  • 6 Monday Mourning
  • 7 Så blåser det på jorden
  • 8 The Love Goodbye
  • 9 Go to Sleep
  • 10 Hunting High and Low
  • 11 I've Been Losing You
  • 12 The Swing of Things (demo)
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