Better Than Ezra Daylight Lyrics

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You're a long walk in a rainstorm
You're a cut that refuses to heal (yeah)
You're a dull ache that I can't shake
You're a cold that's clogging up my head
Or a broke watch keeping time still
'til you pull me in, pull me in
And I can't fight, yeah

If the night is cold
And you're feeling old
And the morning cuts you like a knife
And you're wearing thin
Feel you're giving in
In the darkest hour of the night, you find daylight

You're a stalled car in the desert
You're a song I can't get off my mind
In a dire strait with no help at all in sight
You come rushing in, rushing in
With a lifeline, yeah


Pull me closer to your breast
I need you finally I confess
I'm drifting
I'm drifting
I love you but I hate you too
God only knows what I could do
I'm drifting
I'm drifting

Come on
Give me one reason
Come on
Find me in daylight

Written by: Kevin Griffin
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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